FORBES: Security, Agility And Collaboration In The Cloud

By Hugo Moreno

Today’s technology operates not only inside companies, but also beyond corporate boundaries, interacting with global networks of vendors, suppliers, customers and other stakeholders. Business is lightning fast, vastly more collaborative and decidedly mobile. To remain competitive in so disruptive a climate, organizations can no longer remain tethered to yesterday’s tightly controlled internal IT environment.

Businesses today are in hot pursuit of agility: employees need access to data and applications; partners need portals; and customers need a seamless, data-rich experience. Nonetheless, data must be protected. So how can business units/end-users and their IT departments strike a balance between today’s essential, agile, technology needs and the need for enhanced security?

Cloud has always presented a compelling business case. Not only does it reduce the fixed costs of IT spending, it also introduces potential advantages such as flexibility and scalability. Still, the concern most frequently and vocally expressed is security: how can something enabling so much access and interoperability be secure?

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