Director, Customer Billing, Florida Power + Light

Butch Steele is Director of Billing Solutions for Florida Power and Light (FPL) for the past 11 years and has been a member of FPL for the past 32 years. His teams in the Customer Service Revenue Management department ensure quality billing operations for FPL’s 5M customers as well as the 500k newly acquired Gulf Power customers. Business ownership includes meter data management of 100M+ daily Smart Grid readings, tariff and tax factor maintenance, mass market and complex Large C/I billing, and the overall support of all rates, factors, bill calculations and billing processes with the goal of flawless execution and delivery.

As significant as the ongoing operational efforts are the technology efforts of the Billing Solutions team. They strive to deliver technology solutions for the translation of the above functions and associated business rules into Customer Systems functionality and other unique solutions which are leveraged organizationally. Most recently his team participated in the Gulf Power CIS implementation and implemented solutions which were invaluable in ensuring billing quality throughout the process.

Butch has served in numerous key leadership roles in Information Technology and Customer Service and is an experienced veteran of numerous Customer system project implementations including two CIS implementations, multiple SAP implementations, and numerous individual system implementations. NextEra Energy offers Butch and the Billing Solutions teams the unique challenge of ensuring operational excellence for high customer and transaction volumes while also requiring the creativity to support new unique and cutting edge business opportunities in support of new business models such as Electric Vehicle charging, Solar, Battery Storage and Net Metering. Additionally, there is a constant stream of unique internal value-add propositions and business improvements which demand creative solutions. The overarching theme of his career has been to deliver unique and innovative technology solutions to bring value to FPL customers.