Managing Director, Architecture and Systems Integration, Duke Energy

Chris Sechrest is Managing Director for Architecture and Systems Integration for Duke Energy’s SAP Customer Solution where he is responsible for the overall architecture and dependent partner integrations. He works with SAP, the Systems Integrator, external vendors, and internal departments to ensure the systems align with the defined architecture and integration deliverables meet the program schedule. The deliverables include solutions running in hybrid on-premise and cloud environments.

In addition to Customer Solutions, Chris started the Mobile and Analytics teams which later became the foundation for Duke Energy’s Digital transformation group. Chris was involved in all of Duke Energy’s mergers and acquisitions. He participates on the SAP innovation team for SAP Utility cloud solutions and is a member of the cloud strategy team for Duke Energy. Chris’s career has been focused on advancing business solutions to new and emerging technologies and building transitioning strategies.

Chris enjoys golf, boating, fishing, and spending time with the family.