Director of Technology Assessment and Selection Practice, AAC

As the Director of Technology Assessment and Selection Practice with AAC, Christina is passionate about driving a culture of continuous improvement and assisting utilities to create thoughtful technology adoption plans and strategies. She has led and mentored teams through technology assessments, selections, implementations, and integration of systems and products including Customer Information Systems (CIS), Work Management Systems (WAMS), Financial Management Systems (FMS), mobile application development, field mobile systems, and customer self-service portals. Projects have included Needs Assessments, mission-critical system selection including RFP design and development, implementation strategy, business process documentation and training, staffing readiness, risk assessments, and contract reviews.

Christina has successfully delivered projects ranging from 3M to 45M for various clients including Nashville Electric Service, Alta Gas, Liberty Utilities, Eastern Municipal Water District, San Gabriel Valley Water, and others.

Christina’s passion for improvement and her incredible motivation have driven her to complete her MBA, graduate from law school, build a business from the ground up, and manage large-scale system assessments and implementations.

Christina Schueneman