Foundations of Risk Management

PRESENTED BY: Jason Winder, Founding Partner, Aerstone

SUMMARY: With the digital transformation of business, and the redefinition of core business functions as cloud-hosted services, we see a changing threat and risk landscape that both helps and hinders security posture. Evolving technologies such as blockchain security provide tremendous promise, even while new trends such as social media create new risks that security officers must not fail to address. And despite all these enormous changes, the basic tenets of sound security architecture have not changed. In fact, it is critical that security decision makers understand the core principals of security engineering.

This course is a hands-on working seminar that will explore the eight domains of security engineering, provide information and background on their evolution, and ultimately tie each domain to real-world threats and risks. Examples of well-known security breaches will be used to highlight the dangers faced by modern companies as they attempt to implement a secure and functional enterprise. Finally, a risk management framework will be presented as a toolset for analyzing risk and implementing proper mitigating strategies.


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Jason Winder: Presentation Preview

Cloud Summit 2018 Panel Preview: Jason Winder, Aerstone

Cloud Summit 2020: February 2020


He has over twenty years of experience managing the delivery of technology solutions for utilities. As a Managing Director for Cloud for Utilities Mr. Cutter has established the Cloud for Utilities strategy in collaboration with Mr. Snead. Mr. Cutter brings a realistic view of the needs and concerns of this industry; especially as it relates to cloud technologies.

For AAC Utility Partners, of which he is a co-founder, he leads implementation strategy, planning and client team implementation support team. These services are delivered for On-premises and Cloud solutions exclusively to the utility industry.

In addition to his on-premise utility software experience, he also managed the first Cloud SaaS CIS model for the utility industry. This business model was a variable price model service based on consumption without license fees. The business focused on the emerging deregulated energy markets in the late 1990’s. In those early days, the model was referred to as Application Service Providers (ASP).

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Jason Winder is the Founding Partner of Aerstone, an NSA-certified boutique cybersecurity consultancy. Jason has 25 years of experience in the information security field, consulting to Fortune 100 companies on a broad range of enterprise security issues. He additionally serves as an advisor to the U.S. Intelligence Community on a variety of issues related to identity and access management, and is the migration architect behind the ODNI’s “IC ITE” cloud services initiative, which seeks to provide a single identity and desktop for intel community employees across the globe. Jason has an undergraduate degree in economics from Drew University, holds dual Master’s degrees from the Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business at the University of Pittsburgh, and speaks several languages with varying degrees of fluency. In his spare time he enjoys foreign travel, blues guitar, screenwriting, and cooking; his golf and bowling scores are interchangeable.

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