Future Proofing the Next Generation Digital Utility Workshop

PRESENTED BY: Shahriar Rafimayeri, Infor, CIO, Senior Vice President of Business Innovation

SUMMARY: To become the utility of the future, you need the information architecture of the future—a fast, flexible network that integrates the smartest, most focused information systems available for managing the complex balancing act that makes a utility successful. With advanced systems and intelligent management, your organization and infrastructure can get better results at every level of your “triple bottom line,” mastering financial and human resource management, environmental performance, and community concerns. Hear from Infor’s CIO, Shahriar Rafimayeri on how the right digital transformation strategy will allow you to be ready to deliver better service to more people, more economically for many years to come.


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Digital Initiatives Earn the CIO a Top Seat at the Strategic Planning Table

Infor Press Release | October 23, 2019


Interview Teaser 1: Shahriar Rafimayeri

Interview Teaser 2: Shahriar Rafimayeri

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He has over twenty years of experience managing the delivery of technology solutions for utilities. As a Managing Director for Cloud for Utilities Mr. Cutter has established the Cloud for Utilities strategy in collaboration with Mr. Snead. Mr. Cutter brings a realistic view of the needs and concerns of this industry; especially as it relates to cloud technologies.

For AAC Utility Partners, of which he is a co-founder, he leads implementation strategy, planning and client team implementation support team. These services are delivered for On-premises and Cloud solutions exclusively to the utility industry.

In addition to his on-premise utility software experience, he also managed the first Cloud SaaS CIS model for the utility industry. This business model was a variable price model service based on consumption without license fees. The business focused on the emerging deregulated energy markets in the late 1990’s. In those early days, the model was referred to as Application Service Providers (ASP).

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Shahriar has global responsibility for Infor’s information technology and is tasked with establishing and executing a strategic roadmap for internal Infor processes with the aim of reengineering and automation while leveraging Infor’s best-in-class products and services. He brings more than 27 years of experience to the team.
Prior to joining Infor, Rafimayeri held several leadership positions in the technology and financial sectors at Morgan Stanley, Blackstone, Credit Suisse, UBS, and Bankers Trust. His areas of expertise include large-scale technical architectures and roadmaps; customer relationship management; customer profitability and performance management; cross-product-selling collaboration and integration; mobile computing; HR systems, corporate services applications; spend management; contract management and more.

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