Clarifying Cloud Confusion – What Option is Best for Your Utility?

PRESENTED BY: Shannon Glen, Vice President, Marketing and Sales Support, Vertex

SUMMARY: With more and more utilities moving to the cloud, the question isn’t if your utility will move to the cloud, but when. Understanding the different cloud options available is crucial to both the IT side and the business side of your utility. In this session led by Vertex, you will learn about the differences between basic cloud hosting and a high-touch, fully hosted and managed cloud offering.


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Glen: Owning vs. Leasing Your Utility CIS, Revisited

Utility Buzz: Staying Ahead of the Curve In the Utility Market with the Evolution of Cloud-Based Technology (Vertex CEO)


Shannon Glen: Presentation Preview

Interview Teaser: Andrew Jornod, Vertex

Highlights: Vertex, 2017 Cloud Summit


He has over twenty years of experience managing the delivery of technology solutions for utilities. As a Managing Director for Cloud for Utilities Mr. Cutter has established the Cloud for Utilities strategy in collaboration with Mr. Snead. Mr. Cutter brings a realistic view of the needs and concerns of this industry; especially as it relates to cloud technologies.

For AAC Utility Partners, of which he is a co-founder, he leads implementation strategy, planning and client team implementation support team. These services are delivered for On-premises and Cloud solutions exclusively to the utility industry.

In addition to his on-premise utility software experience, he also managed the first Cloud SaaS CIS model for the utility industry. This business model was a variable price model service based on consumption without license fees. The business focused on the emerging deregulated energy markets in the late 1990’s. In those early days, the model was referred to as Application Service Providers (ASP).

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Shannon has spent her entire career in the technology industry with 6 years focused solely on the utility industry. Shannon currently manages the buyers journey at Vertex from awareness to contract signature as the VP Marketing & Sales Support. Her strategic management skills have developed through her combined experience with enterprise applications and outsourcing services. She began her career on a project delivery team implementing SAP at a US utility assisting in training, change management, and test management. She has worked for multiple vendors creating technology innovation and strategy plans throughout her career and continues to drive the cloud strategy within Vertex.

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