About Cloud for Utilities

Cloud for Utilities is the preeminent resource for cloud business models focused on the utility industry. The organization focuses on education, best practices, improving organization success, and the advancement of technology in the utility industry. Cloud for Utilities encourages utilities to adopt technology to problem solve, improve efficiencies, and better serve their customers through the Digital + Cloud Summit and the Innovation Consortium.

To learn more about Cloud for Utilities and the Digital + Cloud Summit, visit cloudforutilities.org.

About the Digital + Cloud Summit

The Digital + Cloud Summit is a gathering for executives, professionals, and stakeholders to network, learn about the latest utility innovations and improve the industry’s success. The Summit’s growing audience of executives and partners recognize how rapidly changing technologies specifically impact the utility industry. The Summit brings innovators from and outside the utility industry together for an exchange of ideas.

About the Icon Awards

Cloud for Utilities’ mission is to educate and empower utilities to innovate and improve outcomes and service for the business, our industry, and utility customers. The Icon Awards recognize leaders moving the needle forward and give a well-deserved spotlight to innovation in the utilities industry.

About the Innovation Consortium

Cloud for Utilities’ Innovation Consortium is a forum for professionals dedicated to innovation and the utilities industry. Topic-focused working groups allow like-minded peers to network and collaborate, creating a community of innovators and thought leaders. The working groups give those within the utility industry an avenue to share their expertise. Members who participate in working groups are acknowledged for their contributions on the final published content.

Key components of the Innovation Consortium include: executive advisory board, best practice working groups, best practice white papers, the annual Digital + Cloud Summit, research, news & articles, webinars, and more.


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