PRESS RELEASE: Aerstone Releases Amp Up!


ROCKVILLE, Maryland — October 25, 2017 — Quest Consultants LLC DBA Aerstone today announced the release of Amp Up!, a twelve step comprehensive approach to utility company cyberdefense. Aerstone’s Amp Up!© steps are based on the Center for Internet Security’s CIS Controls, specifically adapted for the utility space.

As a key part of the nation’s critical infrastructure, any loss in confidentiality, integrity, or availability of utility systems can have incredibly serious effects. These potential outcomes cover the impact spectrum, ranging from the level of minor inconvenience, all the way up to catastrophic economic effect, and potentially even a loss of human life. Utility systems have a massive customer-facing element, and store key personally identifiable information on a large base of users. Utilities are obligated to protect these data according to FTC Red Flags regulations that apply to covered accounts. As a high-value target, utilities are exposed to a higher-than-normal threat level from adversaries seeking to compromise utility networks. These can include cyberthieves, looking to steal account information from subscribers, and even nation-state actors seeking to damage United States critical infrastructure.

Aerstone designed and developed Amp Up to provide a common-sense and comprehensive approach for securing a utility infrastructure. After completing Aerstone’s 12-step approach to utility cyberdefense, a more detailed standards-based assessment approach should be considered, based either on ISO or NIST standards.
Rick Cutter, managing Director, Cloud for Utilities, said, “We are happy to have Aerstone as a partner and their new announcement continues to demonstrate their innovative approach to helping utilities.”

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Aerstone is a service-disabled veteran-owned small business (SDVOSB) that provides subject matter expertise and software development services in the field of advanced cybersecurity. We are also a certified vulnerability assessor under the NSA’s NSCAP CIRA program – one of just five companies in the world. Our commercial customers include medium and large organizations in the financial services, legal, utility, and education spaces – as well as a number of non-profit organizations. The company also provides exceptional support and cleared staff to a wide variety of federal organizations in the civilian, military, and intelligence community sectors. Our products and services touch all aspects of cybersecurity, including architecture, systems design, software development, training, assessment, and forensics.