PRESS RELEASE: Cloud for Utilities Co-Founder Will Join ETS18 Panel on Cloud Technology

Washington— Rick Cutter, co-founder of both Cloud for Utilities and AAC Utility Partners, will be speaking at the ETS18 conference March 26-29 in Austin, Texas. With over twenty years of experience managing the delivery of technology solutions for Utilities, Cutter looks forward to contributing his expertise and view on the current cloud technology landscape to ETS18 later this month.

Cutter will be a member of the panel on The Cloud: CapEx versus OpEx.

Background for discussion: The digitalization of the electric grid is driving adoption of new applications and software platforms supported by the cloud. What used to be an industry focused on capital expenditures for physical assets is transitioning to one focused on mission-critical Software as a Service (SaaS) technologies. Questions to be considered include: How do utilities account for cloud-based software platforms leveraged by their organizations? Should it be a capital expense? Should it be an O&M expense? Specifically, Cutter and panelists will discuss:  

  • Mission critical cloud-based software platforms and applications for utilities
  • The role regulators play in accounting for software platforms
  • The capitalization of cloud technology for utility business models while keeping a low OpEx

To learn more about Rick Cutter as a panelist, click here. To register for ETS18 March 26-29 in Austin, Texas, click here.