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Steve Wenke has more than 20 years of experience in utilities consulting, IT, project management, CIS/ERP software and services, and utilities mission-critical assessment, procurement and application implementation. He has assisted numerous electric, gas, water, wastewater, and multi-service utilities with defining and executing their IT and software strategies. His functional breadth covers most of the core business applications that a utility uses including Customer Information Systems (CIS), Enterprise Asset Management Systems (EAM), Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (ERP), Mobile Workforce Management (MFWM), Financials (FMIS) and Meter Data Management Solutions (MDM).

Steve has consulted with municipal, public and investor-owned utilities of varying sizes including utilities exceeding one million customers. This experience includes the US, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean.

Steve regularly speaks at utilities industry events and conferences educating others on the CIS industry, software vendors, system integrators, deployment options, best practices and other industry influences. He has addressed the utilities industry at events that include CS Week, Cloud for Utilities, American Public Power Association, EUCI and others.

As senior partner over AAC’s Strategy/Assessment and Procurement practices, Steve works with his teams to continually assess and update AAC’s NavigateOne methodology and tools. He works with his teams to ensure our methodology and processes accommodate changes and advancements from the industry, software vendors and system integrators. This commitment and investment ensures AAC’s methodologies, tools and software are continually updated to meet the needs of our clients. Steve is passionate about his clients and their success.