Managing Partner, AAC Utility Partners


Steve Wenke brings a rich history of information systems (IS) experience to AAC. His intimate knowledge of both the IS and utility fields and extensive CIS and ERP experience bring a level of expertise and professionalism to every AAC project.

As senior partner over consulting services, he has successfully streamlined vendor/SI selection activities and enhanced project management services provided to all of AAC’s varied utility clients. Over the past several years, Steve has lead assessment, selection, and contract negotiation services for multiple clients who utilized cloud-based solutions as part of their strategy.

Steve began his career at United Parcel Service, where he led an internal strategic change project team responsible for the implementation of UPS’s Central Florida data information archiving devices (DIAD), as well as a major organizational redesign initiative for local IS center operations.

From UPS, Steve moved to SunGard, formerly H.T.E., an ERP provider serving the utility industry, where he spearheaded implementations and project management as well as obtaining needs analyses from potential clients and demonstrating H.T.E’s products. Taking his knowledge of successful implementations, he then refined his skills and knowledge worked for a utilities specific software systems consulting firm. This provided an opportunity to create a new type of customer-centric consulting practice where Steve has the ability to develop methodologies to help utilities using AAC’s NavigateOne processes.

Steve received his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Central Florida.

Steve Wenke