Sr Director of Projects, Systems & Software

Wayne (aka Bubba) Darling, Jr. started with S&S in April of 1990 and has over 30yrs of Utility experience. With a background in computer sciences & mathematics and having grown up with S&S, Bubba is extremely passionate about making sure S&S delivers the most robust, dynamic software solution available. Following in his father’s footsteps, Wayne Darling Sr., also employee number three (3) with S&S, Bubba understands how quickly the industry can change and believes that taking the Utilities’ current/future needs and solutions with industry best practices, is critical to success.

Bubba was integral in supporting the City of Atlanta Watershed Management’s migration to the Cloud. Although the migration was unorthodox due to a major security breach, Bubba literally uprooted and moved into a conference room to work with Daphne and her team to support the migration. The commitment and dedication he shared, was contagious, and together with the team from Atlanta Watershed, we were able to complete a successful project from end to end.