Chief Technology Officer, Central Hudson Gas and Electric

Donna Kladis is the Chief Technology Officer at Central Hudson Gas & Electric Corporation and leads the technology & services transformation across IT & OT applications, digitalization, infrastructure, and cybersecurity. In the rapidly evolving utility industry, Donna’s broad industry experience in leveraging advancements in technology is key in enhancing operations, improving efficiencies, and strengthening cybersecurity to deliver innovative, safe and reliable services to the Central Hudson’s customers.

Donna previously served as Chief Information Officer of Techtronic Industries, a leader in power tools with popular brands including Ryobi, Rigid, Stok and Hart, where she was responsible for all business and enterprise applications & infrastructure, including development of a modernization plan and strategic roadmap. Prior to that she served as Vice President, Global Transformation at Estee Lauder, where she led their global team in implementing technology solutions. Her prior experience also includes CIO at PepsiCo, and various IT-related roles at Warner Music, Diageo, and the Associated Press. She has been recognised as “Women of outstanding leadership” by The International Women’s Leadership Association for contribution to family, career and community.”