Live Online Discussion with Marisa Uchin, V.P. of Regulatory Affairs – Oracle Utilities

A discussion about the current state of Public Utility Commissions and their support of cloud computing as it relates to rate recovery. Stay tuned after the discussion for Q&A to discuss regulatory implications of cloud computing.

Marisa Uchin

V.P. of Regulatory Affairs, Oracle Utilities

Ms. Uchin is a dynamic and skilled leader, Marisa Uchin has over 23 years of experience within the energy, consumer high-tech and automotive industries at companies ranging from global Fortune 50 to start-ups. She has extensive experience in leading teams, developing and implementing growth strategy, market development, regulatory and legislative affairs, strategic communications, programs and partnerships for both B2C, B2B, and B2B2C.

Currently, Marisa leads Market Development and Regulatory Affairs at Oracle Utilities. In this role, she is responsible for driving revenue growth by shaping regulatory strategy and legislative policy that advance utility investment in technology innovation and leading a globally dispersed team to execute that strategy.

She is a frequent speaker on utility of the future and other emerging utility regulatory initiatives.

Rick Cutter

Managing Director, Cloud for Utilities

He has over twenty years of experience managing the delivery of technology solutions for utilities. As a Managing Director for Cloud for Utilities Mr. Cutter has established the Cloud for Utilities strategy in collaboration with Mr. Snead. Mr. Cutter brings a realistic view of the needs and concerns of this industry; especially as it relates to cloud technologies.

For AAC Utility Partners, of which he is a co-founder, he leads implementation strategy, planning and client team implementation support team. These services are delivered for On-premises and Cloud solutions exclusively to the utility industry.

In addition to his on-premise utility software experience, he also managed the first Cloud SaaS CIS model for the utility industry. This business model was a variable price model service based on consumption without license fees. The business focused on the emerging deregulated energy markets in the late 1990’s. In those early days, the model was referred to as Application Service Providers (ASP).