Senior Director of Information Systems, Eastern Municipal Water District

Mr. Malone is a 25-year technology veteran with significant experience in both public and private entities. Leading IT organizations in the utility space, public safety, and private start-ups, Malone developed a pragmatic approach to developing solutions that reduce implementation and operational risk and simply deliver better results. Malone has overseen and managed environments ranging in size from 250 to 19,000 devices, designing and deploying centralized provisioning, configuration, and patch management tools to improve efficiency and ensure compliance.

Malone’s 20 years of cybersecurity experience combined with his hands-on experience with a wide swath of technologies covering networking, industrial controls, IoT, law enforcement systems, banking and finance, and all manner of enterprise technology stacks help him spot security gaps before they become a liability. Malone particularly enjoys designing and managing 7×24 environments, where operational constraints dictate the absolute highest level of planning and preparation.